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Fire Below US CD-Rom

Fire Below US CD-Rom

A May 2nd earthquake near Seattle. Tremors at Mt. Rainier. Ongoing earthquake swarms at the Mono Lakes region in California. Could the West Coast be in for another volcanic eruption like the one at Mount St. Helens in 1980

This new CD-ROM puts you at ground zero during the violent 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. A multimedia journey through the eruption that shook Washington State, with video and a detailed interactive eruption timeline that walks you through the destruction and its aftermath

• over 50 photographs
• dramatic survivor reenactments
• a tour of other dangerous Cascade volcanoes with vulcanologist Dr. Stephen Harris
• detailed tourist information.
• Over 45 minutes of video footage from the award-winning documentary
• Interactive eruption timeline explains the significant events leading up to May 18th, and details the day of the eruption
• Reenactments of survivor stories (including the filmmaker's dramatic rescue)
• Learn about the fascinating process of regrowth around the mountain.
• New sections not included in the video are segments on history, geology and an exclusive review of the most dangerous cascade volcanoes with renowned volcanologist Dr. Stephen Harris, author of "Fire Mountains of the West."
• Information on Mount St. Helens National Monument, including different visitor centers and activities available around the mountain.

A wonderful introduction for those who have never been to the monument or for those who want to revisit the area electronically.

"The information in 'Exploring the Fire Below Us' is pertinent to everyone, because volcanoes have an impact on our whole planet," says director Lienau. "In the west, we face dangers from the physical mudslides and earthquakes; but in the midwest, people can be affected by ash fall and in the east, by changes in the weather. It really doesn't matter where you live; you should be aware of what volcanoes can do."

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