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Michael Lienau – Founder / Producer / Director / DP

When Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, 20-year old Michael Lienau was one of the first cinematographers to photograph the devastation around the mountain from the ground.  Caught in the second largest eruption, the camera crew barely escaped with their lives.

Michael’s dramatic footage was seen worldwide, and his unforgettable experience on the mountain fueled a life-long desire to communicate his story and those of other eyewitnesses in a dramatic television special titled, “THE FIRE BELOW US: Remembering Mount St. Helens” – Seven-time award winner featured on National Geographic Television, Discovery  and PBS.

Due to his experience and knowledge with this subject, Michael has become an invaluable resource on Mount St. Helens and other volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, as well as disaster preparedness training, contributing to segments on FOX News, CNN, NBC and many other major and regional television networks.

Other award winning productions include “Healing America’s Wounds” –  highlighting racial strife and the power of forgiveness with John Dawson; “Return of the Raven,” (PBS) profiling a Native American’s stand against the US Government and win; “Native Apology Resolution” – Congressional briefing video distributed to all members of Congress; “Run to High Ground” – American Indian story about earthquakes/tsunamis produced for WA State Military; “Tell the World about Us”, – untold story of the families and fate of US MIA-POWS in Vietnam; licensed by Sylvester Stallone to support “RAMBO First Blood II”, “Mexico City:The Alarming Giant”, – documentary report on the unique challenges this mega city faces; “Transformations” – video documenting the powerful affects of prayer on communities around the world with George Otis Jr.; “Kevin Jones: The Making of a Tender Warrior” – inspiring true story about a man facing the greatest challenge of his life; and  “Yokes and Chains: A Journey To Forgiveness and Freedom” – highlights international legacies of slavery and the power of an apology.

Michael co-produced a CBS Movie-of-the-Week “Not Our Son,” based on his multiple award-winning documentary “Portrait of a Serial Arsonist” about America’s most prolific serial arsonist. This dramatic and compelling film told the heartbreakingly true-life story of a father who discovered his own son was committing dozens of arsons and his decision to turn him in to authorities.

Clients include: FILM – Worldwide Pictures, Carolco Pictures, HBO Pictures, The Academy, Multimedia Pictures, Downes Entertainment.  TELEVISION – ABC, CBS, NBC CNN, PBS, Inside Edition, Dateline NBC, National Geographic Television, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, Graham Kerr, NHK, BBC, EOTV GOVERNMENT & CORPORATE – FEMA, USGS, WA State Military, NCI, ADA, Weyerhaueser, Chevron, Nextel, Conoco Phillips, Penguin Books.  NON-PROFIT – BGEA, Native Apology Resolution Committee, Thomas Nelson, International Bible Society, Mercy Corps International, Sentinel Group, CBN, Childcare Worldwide, First Nations Healing and Counseling, YWAM and many more. Michael has also worked with former Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr for 30 years producing taped and live cooking shows, documentaries, commercials, infomercials, and over 500 nationally-syndicated health news segments on reducing cancer risks.

Shari Lienau – Founder / Co-Producer / Co-director

With a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Washington, Shari has been a writer, producer, director and owner of Global Network Productions for over 25 years.

A mother of nine children between the ages of 13 and 22 years, Shari’s current vocation is “intentional parenting”. She spends time managing  her family, home, schooling, while supporting her husband and family in media adventures.

Michael, his wife Shari and seven of  their nine children currently live in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.



Worldwide Pictures ~ “Eye of the Storm”
Downes Entertainment – “Like Dandelion Dust“
Multimedia Motion Pictures ~ “CBS Movie of the Week”TELEVISION:
The Supernatural Adventures of Joshua Clay
(In Production Now!)
National Geographic Television
Graham Kerr (former Galloping Gourmet)
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – CBS
Thats Incredible – ABC
Inside Edition
Dateline NBC
NBC Nightly News
Evening Magazine
Good Morning Show
Entertainment Tonight
American Diabetes Association
American Dietetic Association
National Cancer Institute
Conoco Phillips
Progressive International
ScanPan International
Thermos Company
OneComm Nextel
Ariel Vineyards
Creda Inc.
Advanced Escrow
National Dental Health
Washington State Military Emergency Management
King County Emergency Management
Redmond City Emergency Management
CREW – Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup
CBN 700 Club
Sunshine Acres Children’s Home
Thomas Nelson Publishers
International Bible Society
Mercy Corps International
Childcare Worldwide
Reasons To Believe
Sentinel Group
Mission Builders
Lifeline ExpeditionsMUSIC VIDEO:
John Michael Talbot
Jeff Johnson
Island Breeze
Return of the Raven
Tell The World About Us Forgotten MIA & POWs in Vietnam
Geothermal Energy Hot Idea for Americas Future
The Fire Below Us Remembering Mount St. Helens
Fire Mountains of the West
Cascadia The Hidden Fire, Earthquakes and
Tsunamis in the NW
Mount St. Helens DVD Postcard Music Video
Personal Sun/ival Kit for Eaithquakes and other Disasters
Business Survival Kit for Earthquakes and other Disasters
Pandemic Survival Kit What You Need To Know


“Thanks a million for all your help at Mount St. Helens… your images made our program!”

– Linda Ellman, Producer, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw

“We were impressed with both the concept and the treatment of The Fire Below Us Remembering Mount St. Helens.”
– Michele Kaplan, Discovery

“They (Global Net) possess a truly startling combination of energy, integrity, and creativity. Their work reflects their commitment in that their high quality finished products really connect with the viewer. I am pleased to recommend them to you…”
-Graham Kerr, Former Galloping Gourmet



“Thank you so much for all your valuable help. You (Global Net) went beyond the call of duty to help me in every way.
– Judy Hallet, Producer, National Geographic Television

“RIVETING… COMPELLING… your feature story “Arsonist” played to rave reviews and Dateline won its slot… we couldn’t have done it without your ”
– Jon Scott, Producer/correspondent, Dateline NBC

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to met and work with you… Its not often that we find such professionals…”
– A Larry Ross, Dir of Media/Public Relations, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“Portrait of a Serial Arsonist is an intriguing, at times moving report.”
– John Engstrom, Television Critic, Seattle PI

“The Cascadia and Personal Preparedness DVDs are the most important offers we have made in 31 years that I have been at KCTS TV!”
– George Ray, Broadcaster, KCTS PBS affiliate

“The Cascadia program was wonderful. You are right up to date, I for one plan to use it in a Web course I am writing; It was beautifully done.”
– Bob Yeats, PhD., Professor Emeritus, OSU; Author

“Your attention detail embodies the devotion to content and people that runs through the entire program. I liked it all very much.”
– Brian F. Atwater, PhD., USGS